“Piano Squall” releases debut album

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“Piano Squall”, a popular videogame and anime pianist, has released his debut CD entitled “GAME”.
It is the first videogame and anime piano solo CD to be published by an independent musician, and a portion of the proceeds go to various charities.

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“Piano Squall” Battles Multiple Sclerosis With Debut Album GAME

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Music 4 Games has put out the word that Michael Gluck, better known as “Piano Squall”, has put out his first album, GAME. Working together with Electronic Arts, Michael will donate 20% of the profits of GAME to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Michael has a history of performing anime and video game music piano concerts for charity.

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Video game music with a classical twist. Michael Gluck, who performs under the stage name Piano Squall, recently released his debut album, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is benefiting from it.

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Exclusive Interview: Michael Gluck, “Piano Squall”

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Video game music often doesn’t get enough attention, even though it’s a crucial aspect of every title’s presentation. Great music enhances the entire experience, as any avid gamer will tell you, and many of our fondest memories are of original soundtracks we heard for the very first time.

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GAME: Piano Squall’s Debut Album

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Under the stage name “Piano Squall,” Michael Gluck performs videogame and anime music piano concerts to raise money for charity. Michael recently announced the launch of GAME, his debut album.

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Piano Squall

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Piano Squall is a self-described “Game and Anime Pianist.” That’s the piano equivalent of a airliner pilot calling himself the “Crash and Die Pilot” and is in the same musical league as a Yoko Ono cover band.

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Piano Squall brings tempest of music

As seen on Square Haven

Various have tried, many have failed. But one, Michael Gluck, has made success out of video game music performance and recently released his album GAME–Game and Animé Music Emotions–to the delight of connoisseurs and convention goers everywhere.

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GAME: Game and Anime Music Emotions :: Review by Jeriaska

As seen on Square Enix Music Online

Accommodate sixteen themes in the span of a single-disc soundtrack, Michael Gluck distills to its essence the effectiveness of contemporary game and anime music emotions. Maximal economy is exercised throughout the album, meaning none of the pieces impose themselves upon the listener a moment longer than required.

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FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast: Episode 2

As seen on FF-XIII

FXN ( presents the second episode of the extremely well received FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast. In this episode we dig into recent news, discussion on CG graphics and dig into Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s story, and feature an exclusive interview! FXN has interviewed charity video game music musician, Piano Squall, about his recent album, G.A.M.E. as well as feature a Final Fantasy piano arrangement from the album.

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Video Game Music For A Cure

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Michael Gluck (or Piano Squall) is releasing an album to raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. As many of you may now, multiple sclerosis is an extremely debilitating disease that currently has no known cure. However, the Game & Anime Music Emotions (G.A.M.E.) album hopes to support efforts to find a cure while delivering performances of some of your favorite video game and anime music for a price of $9.99. I personally think this is a small price to pay for such a good cause.

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