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My Interview with Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth

On March 1st, I had the privilege of sitting down for an interview with Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth at the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Chicago. This was my first opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Uematsu, the genius composer behind the Final Fantasy series, who inspired my musical career and shaped […]

My Second Grandmother is Dead

I got one of those phone calls this afternoon. You know what I’m talking about, one of those calls where you pick up and hear your family member on the other line speaking in a slow, sad voice. Your blood pressure drops right away because already know what they’re going to say. My last living […]

The Sword of Truth

I very rarely come across a fellow Sword of Truth fan. Most people just smile and nod when I go off on a rant about how incredible this series is. But let me tell you, if you haven’t checked out The Sword of Truth yet, go to a bookstore today and pick up “Wizard’s First […]

Game Developers Conference

I am attending the Game Developer’s Conference Audio Track in San Francisco this week! I am particularly looking forward to the game music lecture by the legendary Koji Kondo. I am also very happy that my dear friend Michael Huang has been nominated for an award for his excellent soundtrack to the PC game Professor […]

Xenosaga III and my Physical Activity for the Year

I love Xenosaga III. I’m about thirty hours into the game and completely addicted. The plot is amazing, the characters are amazing, and they keep throwing new twists at you. For me, the coolest part of all is that I get to hear my dear friend Richard Epcar, the voice of Ziggy. After non-stop Xenosaga […]

Back from E3

I had an amazing time at E3 this year. Electronic Arts had an exceptional showing with titles such as Command and Conquer 3, Battle for Middle Earth II on Xbox 360, and Spore. I spent a good portion of the show helping out at the EA booth. I also spent several hours at Square-Enix and […]